Mountain and Sea Adventures (MSA), is a 501c3 non-profit organization passionate for offering participants the best outdoor science experiences available!

OUR MISSION: To teach environmental education in a manner which increases the awareness of the environment, raises the spirit of participants and builds their character.

MSA's goal is for participants to enjoy an expert-guided encounter with the environment that is innovative and life-changing, Within this, our audience is three-fold:


Our goal for SCHOOL STUDENTS is to experience what it is to be a marine or field biologist in training while being immersed in California science standards. During school away camps and school assemblies, our "hands-on" approach elevates their acquisition of the processes of field biology. As they are learning they are having fun and creating bonds and memories with classmates, teachers and chaperones.

Our goal for DAY AND AWAY INDIVIDUAL CAMPERS is to combine ecology, sustainability and marine science with lots and lots of fun. The kids enjoy new experiences, make new friends and create great memories that will inform them and influence their life course for years to come.

Our goal for GROUP AND RETREAT ATTENDEES is to provide inspiration while engaging in the natural world, providing leading edge speakers as well as fostering community-building. We tailor experiences to group needs and desires with an expert eye, striving to create a rich and lasting impression on all participants.