Welcome to Summer Camp!

Here you will be able to explore the many wonderful "sleep away" summer camps that we offer at Mountain and Sea Adventures. The following camps are all away camps, meaning that your children / teens will get to spend over-nights away from home as they are seeking thrills and adventure.


(If you are looking for summer camps during the day only, please click here.)

At MSA our passion is to impart wisdom and character as we have a whole lot of fun. In addition to kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, sailing, crafts, and games your students will be introduced to the science of marine biology by becoming marine biologists themselves. Your kids won't just learn about marine science, they will experience it first hand. Explore the natural habitat of marine coast birds while kayaking or snorkel through the kelp forests where the marine life flourishes. If your kids love the ocean, then this is the camp for them.

We offer kids camps and teen camps in varying lengths, Hawaii teen camps, and Treasure Island Sail Adventures for teens. Find your kids' summer adventure here!


Our Summer Programs: